DIRLogBook is an online dive logbook. It allows you to store information about your dives and share it with your friends.

DIRLogBook is also an atlas of diving sites from around the world, built by the community of DIRLogBook users.

We recommend our application for Android: DiveTraffic. It's the easiest way to register your dives.


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  • easy dive registering
  • dive site atlas
  • share information with friends
  • statistics
  • Android application

Recently dived sites from the atlas

Sep 20, 2019 Svobodne Hermanice
Sep 20, 2019 Jezioro Lubikowskie
Sep 20, 2019 Turtle Patch
Sep 20, 2019 Coral Garden
Sep 20, 2019 Baracuda Point
Sep 20, 2019 Wolf rock
Sep 20, 2019 Barcardero / Cantil Reefs
Sep 20, 2019 Fingers
Sep 19, 2019 South Point
Sep 19, 2019 Drop Off

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