Dive site: Grouper Grotto

LocalityEast End, Grand Cayman
Country Cayman Islands
Latitude19° 17' 36.6" N
Longitude81° 4' 48.4" W


Although named for grouper, in summer Tarpon and Silversides steal the show here. Clouds of Silversides are so thick you’ll lose your dive buddy within several feet. Several canyons and swim-throughs are close to the line so you never have to go far to see these sights.
This site proves you don't have to go deep and dangerous for a thrilling dive. Cruise through the cathedral passages and you'll be introduced to a new kind of traffic. You will be fin to fin with fish at Grouper Grotto. No deeper than 60 feet, with most of the dive site in the 25-50 foot depth range, you can enjoy easy, relaxing dive profiles and extend your bottom time using your dive computer. In the summer months, Silversides bloom in the open-caverns and other fish such as Tarpon, Jacks and Grouper gather to gouge on these massive schools of tiny bait fish.