DIRLogBook is an online dive logbook. It allows you to store information about your dives and share it with your friends.

DIRLogBook is also an atlas of diving sites from around the world, built by the community of DIRLogBook users.


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Recently dived sites from the atlas

Oct 29, 2020 J. Strzeszyńskie
Oct 28, 2020 Ras Katy
Oct 28, 2020 Gordon Reef
Oct 28, 2020 SS Carnatic
Oct 28, 2020 Shaab Abu Nuhas
Oct 27, 2020 Sha'ab Abu Nuhas
Oct 27, 2020 Thistlegorm
Oct 27, 2020 SS Thistlegorm
Oct 25, 2020 Ras Ghazlani
Oct 25, 2020 Projekt Kamieniołom

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