Nurkowisko: Crna Punta

Akwen Morze Adriatyckie
Typ akwenuMorze
Kraj Chorwacja
Szerokość geograficzna44° 57' 17" N
Długość geograficzna14° 8' 46" E
Maksymalna głębokość28 m
Średnia głębokość16 m


Crna Punta did not get its name just like that. It opens the doors of the Kvarner for us. A frequent answer to the question where we are going to dive is "We will know when we open the Crna Punta cape". It is probably the extreme eastern promontory of the Istrian peninsula, known by its beautiful lighthouse built as early as the Austrian period. We are diving from the eastern side where we are well protected from the bura wind. We dive along the coast itself. We dived and we are following the rock at about 20 metres of depth eastwards. On our right side we greet a shoal of small two-banded breams, that are always, but always there. We continue the dive eastwards. At 25 metres, we pass through the tunnel. It is overgrown by soft corals and sea sponges. On our left is a small cave. We can see the large tube-worms, and the lobster. We move on, turn around the rock in front of us and we climb towards the shallow seas. At three-metre distance is the entrance to the cutting entering into the continent for about twenty metres. At the end of the cutting is a beautiful pebble beach. We come up to the surface, photos, a look at the sky and we dive again. At the depth of ten metres, we return under the ship.

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